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Distribution of alcohol


The key area of activity of the REDO Limited Liability Company is the distribution of alcohol. Our company has a vast distributional network, profitably disposed departments, as well as a significant number of trade/sales representatives on the serviced market. Because of this, we are able to reach the majority of trade points in a given area, including all seasonal points, which - considering the specific character of the service area and the distributed products - has considerable meaning. Our trade/sales representatives visit clients at least twice a week. Besides the processing of orders they provide advice on the construction of shelves, on the optimization of storehouse states, and on increasing current sales.
Furthermore, the sections of Customer Service are at the disposal of our clients in individual departments of the company. In order to satisfy our clients, we pay special attention to fulfill the orders of our customers. The quick delivery of goods to stores and food service points is our main manager achievement.


Generally, we try to be accessible to each potential client interested in our assortment of commodities. In term of retail, our company is present in food shops, store chains, bars, restaurant, food service points, filling stations, and in any places where the sale of alcohol may be conducted.


Our irrefutable triumph is a vast assortment of beers, strong alcohol, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. We offer all beers produced by the main functioning breweries on the Polish market, as well as a selection of local beers. In terms of stronger alcohol, we assure the availability of all the popular types on the Polish market, as well as a large selection of foreign liquors. Our list of wines contains a few hundred positions that are popular on the Polish market: Spanish, Italian, French, Bulgarian and German. Added to this are the so-called "wines of the new world" - from South Africa, Chile, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and California. Non-alcoholic drinks complement our assortment.
Competitive prices are our next triumph. We are able to offer our clients competitive prices because of our company`s strong purchasing power on the beer and alcohol producers` markets. We are at your disposal six days a week and we guarantee complete professionalism and satisfaction with our services.

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